Witch Meadow (2018)

This year we have two versions of Witch Meadow available - the first of which is a blend from Jos. A. Magnus bourbon barrels. Untreated, it’s a presentation we’re proud to share as the model for what Witch Meadow is meant to be year in and year out. 1800 bottles / 2pp / $14 (500ml).

We also have a unique variant we’re calling Witch Meadow “Black”. Also aged in Jos. A. Magnus bourbon barrels, we added Ghanaian Cacao Nibs, Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Ashlawn Farm Coffee. For the coffee, we opted for a blend of one of our favorite beans from Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica Hacienda Miramonte beans aged in a bourbon barrel from the very same lot used to age the beer itself. 1000 bottles / 1pp / $16 (500ml).

10% ABV

Half Pour   $3