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Votive (No. 1)

Votive (No. 1) is the first in what will be an ongoing series of Imperial Stouts dedicated to double barrel treatments - meaning beer that began aging in one set of barrels before being transferred to and finished in a completely different set of barrels. Votive (No. 1) spent over six months in bourbon barrels before being split (equally) into Vermont maple syrup and Port wine barrels for further aging. The final blend brought those two threads back together before packaging in preparation of Armsby Abbey’s 10th Annual Stoutfest Breakfast. 

It’s our intention for the Votive series to focus firmly on barrel character and highlight the complexity/layering made possible from multiple treatments. The process may require an extra layer of patience and a greater intensity of resources but we find it’s well worth the effort.

$18 - 2 bottles per person (500ml)

11% ABV