We really like your tasting room! Can we book it for a private event?

Unfortunately, no. With our current permitting we’re unable to accommodate private events. Additionally, we do not reserve space during our regular business hours. If you're planning to visit in a large group, we recommend coming by before 3PM.

Are you dog friendly?

We certainly love dogs but state health regulations require that you leave yours outside (where we have additional seating) and we kindly ask that you leave your dog on a leash.

Can we bring our kids along?

Absolutely! We’re a family-friendly brewery but please do not leave your kids unattended, especially outdoors.

Do you fill other breweries’ growlers?

We sure do! As long as the growler is reasonably clean and fits under our taps. Dark glass is highly preferred.

Do you offer flights?

Not quite. It’s our feeling that most beer styles are best enjoyed in volumes a little larger than what you typically find in a flight. We’ve chosen to offer individually sold half pours (~7 oz.) and full pours (~13 oz.) for all of our beers.

Do you sell any food?

We don’t have any food available but folks are welcome to bring light snacks to enjoy on-site. We just ask that you be respectful of our limited seating and kindly clean up after yourself.

Are there other alcoholic beverages available for sale?

Sorry, but no. We occasionally offer Ashlawn Farm Coffee Nitro Cold Brew but do not sell any wine or spirits. It’s worth noting that we can’t allow outside alcohol or opening of growlers purchased from our tasting room.



Where else can we find your beer?

We self-distribute within Connecticut but availability is a bit sporadic and limited. At the moment, some accounts with regular availability include:

We also send regular but small shipments to Massachusetts where you can find our beer at a number of great beer establishments.

What if we’re interested in carrying your beer?

First of all, thank you! We’re doing our best to service our tasting room and meet the needs of our existing retail partners. We’re grateful for your interest in supporting our small brewery but supply is tight at the moment. Still, feel free to drop us at info@foxfarmbeer.com and we’ll be sure to get in touch when there is greater availability of our beer.



Are you hiring?

We're a small crew but may be looking to add to the team soon. We'll be sure to post any job openings as they become available but feel free to send any information to info@foxfarmbeer.com at any time for future consideration.